Veluba X Crowdcube

“Funding the wonderful” 

Last year in the midst of covid chaos we launched Veluba. What a ride it’s been so far and we couldn’t have done it without Crowdcube – funding the wonderful. 

It’s March 2020. We’d been working away, planning, creating the Veluba and finding the perfect HQ to operate from. It was now crunch time and we were ready to launch the business – but first – crowdfunding. We knew crowdfunding was the way to go for us, we could raise awareness and funds at the same time whilst giving people the opportunity to invest in our business and the future of eco-friendly transport in London.  

Crowdcube gives start-ups and early-stage businesses the opportunity to raise funding by being backed by the crowd, a chance for anyone from large investment firms to everyday individuals to invest in businesses that they believe in and help them to smash their crowdfunding targets. Over the last decade, Crowdcube has made it possible for everyday investors to own shares in some of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. 

When we got the chance to work with Crowdcube and wrap a Veluba for them we were thrilled, we fired up the printer and rolled up our sleeves. The Crowdcube bike is striking wrapped in their iconic brand colours and has been attracting a huge amount of attention as we whiz around on tours and cab journeys in central London. We’re really pleased to be working with them and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

VelubaVeluba X Crowdcube
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Veluba X Sports Edit

New Collaboration Alert! 

We are delighted to announce that we are collaborating with The Sports Edit – and just look at how fancy that bike looks…

The Sports Edit believes in the power of sweat, the key to a healthier, happier you. They sell high-quality brands and products, produce content and host events all helping you to get sweating, get out there and master your favourite activity. They also have a huge focus on sustainability (which as you know we absolutely LOVE) 
They have committed to carbon-neutral shipping and have partnered with a company called Pachama, who support forest carbon projects to reduce emissions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They use sustainable packaging responsibly sourced from sustainable forests that are 100% compostable and recyclable. They also use 100% renewable energy generated from a mix of hydroelectric, offshore and onshore wind farms. How amazing is that?! 

The Sports Edit promote game-changing brands that use recycled materials to clean up ocean plastic and combat waste that would otherwise end up in landfills! What we love the most about The Sports Edit is their transparency at every stage of the supply chain. At Veluba we really believe that every person counts – no fast fashion here and we love it! 

So, for the next 10 days, you will see this blue beauty gliding around central London, looking gorgeous and being the inspiration we all need to sweat more and get our bodies moving.

VelubaVeluba X Sports Edit
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New Tour – Sleigh What?!

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, this can only mean one thing – WINTER IS COMING. We have spent the last couple of weeks working away behind the scenes, planning routes, attaching doors and stocking up on the bubbles and baubles in preparation for the changing of the seasons. It is after all the most wonderful time of the year and to make it even more wonderful we have launched our Christmas Lights Tour! This Christmas, cosy up with your loved ones in a Veluba and glide through London taking in the magic and sparkle of the capitals Christmas decorations in an hour-long tour.

The tour will begin at Seven Dials, one of the sparkliest spots in London. Once you’ve been dazzled at the dials you will cosy up in your Veluba and head down Shaftesbury Avenue. Passing the glitz of the theatre lights is a spectacle in itself, but combined with the glimmer of Shaftesbury Avenue it’s a magical must-see!
We will pass through the hustle and bustle of Soho towards the sensational window displays and lights of Oxford Street, which has glimmered with Christmas decorations every year since 1959. 

Then we will cruise down Regent Street (which boasts the largest Christmas lights display in the country) allowing you to take in the magnificent Christmas spirits that glitter above the length of the street from the comfort of your Veluba. 
We will head on through glimmering Picadilly Circus and of course, stop off at Trafalgar Square to gaze at the tree-mendous décor…
Next, we will journey down The Shining Strand and end up at the glittering Covent Garden where you can bask in the glow of over 115,000 twinkling Christmas lights that illuminate the 19th-century piazza.  

But wait – you’ve not even heard the best part yet…

With every tour there will be refreshments included to really get you into a festive mood! COMPLIMENTARY prosec-ho-ho-ho will be available along with soft drinks or beer (if you prefer) to sip as you bask in the lights. 

This hour filled with sparkle and magic costs £49.99 per Veluba (which each seats 2 people) and availability is limited so book ASAP to avoid disappointment this Christmas! 


VelubaNew Tour – Sleigh What?!
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Veluba X QuickBlock

Take a Quick tour around the Block










If you follow our presence online, or even in real life you will probably have seen our newest (and greenestbike on the streets of London and all over our social media. Beth has been busy drawing up designsprinting and applying graphicto the bike and I know we’re biased but we have to say – its looking great. 

 Our newest collaboration launched last week with QuickBlock. The idea began with Scottish inventor Hugh Fisher, who envisioned creating building blocks made entirely of recycled plastic that could be easily used to make refugee homes, shelters and even flood defences.

 As you know, here at Veluba we’re big on sustainability, anything recycled or environmentally friendly is right up our street, so when we got the chance to wrap a bike and do some advertising with QuickBlock, we jumped at the chance – the world deserves to know more about this! 
QuickBlock is a flat-packed, recycled plastic, modular building system that offers an alternative to traditional concrete blocks and other materials. You can assemble and disassemble as easily as children’s building blocks and no tools or specialist knowledge is needed to create a huge variety of projects. Each block is made from recycled polypropylene, offering a practical solution for plastic waste. Structures can also be disassembled and then reused for different projects. 
Personally, this is our absolute dream. No tools, do it yourself, make whatever you want AND you’re being environmentally friendly? Wow. What will we build first? A new office for Veluba HQ, a flower bed, a bar?! The options are endless.  
So, keep an eye out for the QuickBlock bike cruising the streets of London for the next couple of weeks. We’ll be out and about doing tours of London and taking people on cab journeys around the capital- come and say hi!      

VelubaVeluba X QuickBlock
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Hello World!

Hello, world. Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for, the Veluba Blog. 


If you live in London or have visited the capital recently you may have seen our bikes over by The London Eye. Or perhaps you’ve spotted us cruising over Waterloo Bridge. We are new, we’re eye-catching, and we’re the best way to travel London.

In this blog, we will be documenting our journey and sharing thoughts and updates with you.  

I suppose we should start by introducing ourselves – we are a family-run business with a love for sustainable transport and innovative ideas.

Keith and Amanda are the inceptors, the big bosses, the brains behind the operation if you will. They have combined their love of sustainable transport and digital signage to create the wonder that is Veluba. Beth is the tech whiz behind all of our digital concept designs, Lew is the operations manager and the smooth talker who liaises with the press and Hannah carefully crafts our marketing campaigns and social media presence. The team also works on different aspects of the company together, from tours and transport to digital concepts and advertising campaigns. Teamwork really does make the dream work. 

Veluba are pedal-powered, electrically assisted tricycles cabs (known as E-trikes). Which means they are zero-emission when running. So you can go guilt-free from A to B.  

Transport – We’re speedy and can get you where you need to go. London’s fast-paced. And really busy. Meaning the average speed on the roads is only 6mph. Not in a Veluba. Our cabs can do whatever a bike can. So we can use the bike and bus lanes- making your journey that bit faster.  

Tours – We offer hour-long tours of London. Our unique design allows you to see London from street level and take in the sights in a new way. We cruise in style through the streets of London at a nice relaxing speed allowing you to take in the city at your own pace. 

We don’t break the bank. Our short journeys are priced fairly, based on mileage and a set-rate booking fee. An estimated fare will always be given to you upfront. Our tours are some of the best value in London. 

So, in a nutshell, that’s us. Keep an eye on the blog for updates and news on what’s coming next.  

Exciting things ahead. 

VelubaHello World!
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