Guidelines for Legal Data Requests

Guidelines for Legal Data Requests

We provide the following operational guidelines to legal representatives seeking information from VELUBA. We may change these guidelines without notice.

In some cases, the legal system may find that a passenger or VELUBA driver or operator who has filed a complaint can directly provide the best evidence. We send a trip receipt by email immediately after each trip. These receipts have detailed information about the trip including the date, time, pickup and drop off locations, route, distance, duration, fare breakdown, method of payment, and the name of the passenger, driver and operator. Passengers, drivers and operators can access trip receipts and invoices for past rides in the VELUBA app or their online account.

VELUBA LIMITED trades as VELUBA with its own proprietary technology application, an APP, that provides on-demand transportation lead generation. The App connects operators providing transportation services with requests from passengers requesting transportation services.


VELUBA stores and maintains information as described in our Privacy Statements and Terms of Use. This includes information contained in trip receipts available to passengers and operators who use VELUBA. When passengers sign up and use the service, certain information is obtained and maintained in the ordinary course of using the service. This may include a phone number, email address, name, account start and end date, registration IP address, status, rating, payment method, customer service communications, and photo. When operator drivers sign up to use VELUBA we may have additional information including VELUBA registration number, vehicle information, address, a driver’s employer, communications between drivers, operators and passengers, and some GPS location data.


Upon receipt of a formal legal request we will work to preserve records in connection with an official legal request.


We will respond immediately to provide records in accordance with our terms, policies, and the process of law. Some general principles are set forth here, but may not apply in every case.

Typically, we require the UK authorities with supervisory and investigative powers to provide a warrant, court order or other legally binding order to compel the disclosure of a person’s (personal) data.

Typically, such requests must, at a minimum:

  • relate to an investigation of a crime that is alleged to have occurred;
  • relate to an alleged criminal act that is an offense under ordinary criminal laws;
  • be narrowly tailored to a legitimate need by UK law; and
  • be made using appropriate legal process.

VELUBA reserves the right to decline to exercise its discretion to produce requested information even if each of the above threshold conditions are met. Circumstances under which VELUBA will refuse to honour requests include, but are not limited to: if the request is inconsistent with international human rights laws, standards or the rule of law, or is being made to facilitate a prosecution that is political in nature or relates to the target’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age, or any other characteristic protected under UK law.

In all cases, we will provide any responsive records in accordance with our terms, policies, and applicable law.


We have a process for evaluating requests on an emergency or exigent basis where there is an emergency or exigency that involves protecting a passenger, driver, VOTP or third party who has been physically harmed, or stopping illegal activity that poses an immediate threat of physical harm, or in cases of verifiable time-sensitive investigations. Requestors must describe in detail the nature of the emergency or urgency, including details about the nature of the alleged actual or threatened physical harm or exigency, and we review these requests on a case-by-case basis. We may provide responsive information when we believe that doing so may protect passengers, drivers or operators, others, VELUBA, or otherwise assist with an exigent investigation. Once the emergency or exigency has passed, the appropriate legal process would follow and we would expect to be kept informed. This will enable us to facilitate our own review by providing as much detail about the incident or emergency as possible.


As a minimum the legal agency should include in their request:

  • A clear statement of the legal basis for the request;
  • Precise details of the information sought and how this particular information may benefit the investigation. The full name and address of the legal agency, the name and position of the legal representative heading up the request with a direct contact number and email address.

All formal legal requests should be made to Veluba Limited, KAD House, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AD.


We may notify passengers, drivers and operators of any formal legal requests for their information before disclosure of any personal data.

We are registered with the “Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection” and our Data Protection Registration number is :- ZA519804

ITECHGuidelines for Legal Data Requests