Legality of Veluba


VELUBA can legally operate in London as “Stage Carriages” under section 4 of the “Metropolitan Public Carriage Act of 1869, as a result of a ruling in the High Court by Mr Justice Pitchford in 2003. There are no licensing provisions in legislation that apply to “Pedicabs” in London.VELUBA is a Pedicab.


Outside London pedicabs e.g. VELUBA are classified as Hackney Carriages as a result of a decision in the Court of Appeal in 1999 that pedicabs fall under the definition of a Hackney Carriage under the “Town Police Clauses Act 1847”. As such they must be licensed as Hackney Carriages. As such there are many difficulties in transposing Hackney Carriage regulations in order that they may apply to VELUBA e.g. pedicabs.

InterproLegality of Veluba