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Veluba Advertising and Branding

Veluba Advertising and Branding

VELUBA is not only an environmentally friendly E-TRIKE cab service but it also provides a unique, highly visible and viable advertising option in motion for London.

Everything VELUBA is, you want your branding and advertising to be. VELUBA advertising will always attract the public’s attention because there will be nothing else out there in numbers quite like it when VELUBA appears on our streets.
Unique shape, unique service and a unique opportunity for you and your brand.

Inside and out, VELUBA offers exciting and different advertising and branding opportunities for your products on the streets of one of the most exciting, and busy, cities in the world.


Millions of high quality sightings and thousands of kilometres for your advertising and branding – that is the unique VELUBA opportunity. No other advertising medium

carries your messages so strikingly, successfully and on such likeable carriers in so many locations not usually accessed by other transportation systems.

Your advertising and branding couldn’t be placed any better. It reaches many areas, in the middle of the city, with a high conversion rate based on the positive image of our green carriers. Book your space on our VELUBA e-trike and your advertising and branding will be carried to where it catches the customer´s attention most in the city.


As a carrier of advertising and branding our VELUBA has an extremely positive image: smart, environmentally friendly, innovative, flexible and unique … these are attributes that consumers associate with our VELUBA.

This is an ideal advertising medium for branding campaigns, product launches and major events etc.

VELUBA are different to other outdoor advertising opportunities: they are more mobile than the poster, more appealing, more likeable, more memorable and they draw more attention than a bus or a London cab because of their unique shape and unique routes. Plus: your audience actually gets to enjoy sitting in your advertising and branding as they get around London.

As well as the outside, VELUBA has unique screens inside that can also carry your advertising messages. Screens that can carry your message, entertain and delight as well as the VELUBA itself.

VELUBA is unique and memorable in the way it can get your advertisement to place’s other types of advertising can’t. Places other moving advertisements are not allowed.

VELUBA is also the perfect partner for trade fairs and events. Environmentally friendly, fun and flexible to bring your passengers and your messages to any event with the maximum impact.

VELUBA are available for your promotions 364 days a year, 24 hours a day.

You may book by the day, including drivers: around sports events, cultural events, store openings, open-air festivals, etc.

At conventions and conferences VELUBA are a flexible shuttle service for visitors, exhibitors, journalists and VIP’s. VELUBA can be a first point of contact at the car park or train stations with instant recognition and branding.

Customise your VELUBA to highlight your companies presence at the convention. In addition, flyers can be distributed by our drivers and the internal advertising screens can be programmed to promote your company/product/promotion in real time.

VELUBA really is a unique way to get your message to as many people as possible not only in London but anywhere. Nothing looks like it, or makes people want to stand and look, quite like a VELUBA.

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