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If you follow our presence online, or even in real life you will probably have seen our newest (and greenestbike on the streets of London and all over our social media. Beth has been busy drawing up designsprinting and applying graphicto the bike and I know we’re biased but we have to say – its looking great. 

 Our newest collaboration launched last week with QuickBlock. The idea began with Scottish inventor Hugh Fisher, who envisioned creating building blocks made entirely of recycled plastic that could be easily used to make refugee homes, shelters and even flood defences.

 As you know, here at Veluba we’re big on sustainability, anything recycled or environmentally friendly is right up our street, so when we got the chance to wrap a bike and do some advertising with QuickBlock, we jumped at the chance – the world deserves to know more about this! 
QuickBlock is a flat-packed, recycled plastic, modular building system that offers an alternative to traditional concrete blocks and other materials. You can assemble and disassemble as easily as children’s building blocks and no tools or specialist knowledge is needed to create a huge variety of projects. Each block is made from recycled polypropylene, offering a practical solution for plastic waste. Structures can also be disassembled and then reused for different projects. 
Personally, this is our absolute dream. No tools, do it yourself, make whatever you want AND you’re being environmentally friendly? Wow. What will we build first? A new office for Veluba HQ, a flower bed, a bar?! The options are endless.  
So, keep an eye out for the QuickBlock bike cruising the streets of London for the next couple of weeks. We’ll be out and about doing tours of London and taking people on cab journeys around the capital- come and say hi!      

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