About Us

About Us

About Us
About Us
We are a family run business focused on providing exciting, fun and sustainable experiences and transport.
Our innovative Veluba cabs are pedal-powered, electrically assisted tricycles, known as E-trikes. Which means they are zero emission when running, so you can go guilt free from A to B.

Travelling in a Veluba allows you to experience London from a unique road level viewpoint with panoramic views, immersing you in the city and the sights in a way that cannot be achieved in any other vehicle.

We have guided hundreds of visitors around London and have been recognised for our excellent customer service, with exclusively 5* Trip Advisor reviews.
Meet The Team

Keith Hamilton


Keith is the founder of Veluba and has developed his green credentials over the last 25 years. Travelling and living overseas between 2002 and 2008 enabled Keith to R&D and explore electric car and battery technologies that planted the seed that would become Veluba. The Veluba roadmap continues to be influenced by Keith's innovative ideas.

Amanda Hamilton


Amanda is Head of Operations and co-founded Veluba with Keith in 2017. With a passion for customer service she makes sure each member of our Veluba family is looked after. Her background is in IT, digital signage and translating Keith's ideas into something commercial.

Lew Hamilton


Lew is our Operations Manager. He created each of our tour routes and is an expert on the streets of London. He manages the schedules and logistics of our tours.

Beth Hamilton


Beth manages new campaigns and integrates all innovation. She creates all our graphics and manages the application process of our iconic Veluba wraps. She is responsible for our web design and is an all-round tech whiz.