The eco-friendly short journey cab provider for London.

It All Starts With The Veluba® App

  • 1. Download the app and create an account.
  • 2. Enter your pick up and drop off points.
  • 3. Check the price and book your ride.
  • 4. Meet your driver and enjoy the trip.

Your safety first

We are fully committed to your safety. Veluba cabs are powered by 250-watt electric motors, compliant with UK/EU regulations, giving a maximum speed of 15.5mph. Each Veluba has its own registration plate, headlights, rear lights, brake lights, indicators, seat belts, GPS and three CCTV cameras.

Our Drivers

Each driver is an employee of Veluba so we can ensure they are insured, fully trained and DBS pre-checked in line with the TfL guidlines.

Driver & Vehicle Insurance

All our drivers and vehicles are fully insured, inluding public and passenger liability insurance.

Transparent Pricing

All Veluba fares are visible and agreed with the passenger before depature. When you book on the app, the fare is deducted from your chosen payment card automatically. Or just tap with contactless if you’ve flagged one. No cash. No hassle.

The planet matters

Veluba are pedal-powered, electrically assisted tricycle cabs, known as E-trikes. Which means they are zero emission when running, so you can go guilt free from A to B.

We’re speedy

London’s fast paced. It’s also really busy. Meaning the average speed on the roads is only 6mph. Not in a Veluba. Our cabs can go wherever a bike can. So we can use the bike and bus lanes. Making your journey that bit faster.

Easy to access

Book a Veluba on the app in a few simple steps, or flag a Veluba if one’s available.